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Localized Results for Global Clients

Who We Are
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Potomac Strategy is an international affairs and project management consulting firm based in the United Arab Emirates and Washington D.C. We help government agencies, NGOs, and businesses successfully understand challenging geopolitical spaces and deliver high-impact projects.


We especially thrive at the convergence of government and philanthropy and are passionate about creating  and facilitating sustainable initiatives.


We pride ourselves in our ability to bridge cultural, social, and political gaps, while always prioritizing client sensitivities and never compromising on impact and results.


Although Potomac Strategy is industry agnostic, we are especially experienced in matters relating to:


Geopolitical Analysis


Public Safety

 International Affairs

 Philanthropy and NGOs

Research & Analysis

We believe knowledge is power. Our goal is to provide bespoke research and analysis tailored to our client’s unique perspectives while never shying away from the challenges of reality. We always deliver deep and meticulous insights that identify risks and opportunities for any situation

Our team of seasoned and senior professionals provides not just unparalleled research and data but counseling that allows our clients to navigate even unprecedented scenarios with confidence.

We provide:

  • Deep research reports

  • Geopolitical trends and analysis

  • Media analysis

  • Due diligence

  • Opportunity/Partnership mapping

  • Risk assessments

  • Market research

  • Counterterrorism and extremism research

  • Other bespoke research services

Potomac strategy can conduct and produce culturally fluent research and analysis in 7 languages including:

  English   |   Spanish   |   Italian   |   Portuguese   |   Hebrew   |   Arabic   |   Russian   |   French   |   Greek

Project and Relationship Management

We are trusted by governmental and NGO clients to manage some of their most critical projects either through fully outsourcing the initiative to our experienced staff or by integrating our experts and managers into their organization.

We assist or spearhead the development of strategic programming and partnerships by leveraging our strong global networks in both governmental and non-governmental spheres, organizational management experience, and deep cultural understandings to produce the most impactful results all while ensuring public credit for success remains with our clients.

By deploying our experienced staff and network we provide our clients with more than just professional operations and management experience but local and impactful access to far off geographies usually out of simple reach. 

We are proficient at managing:

  • International relations initiatives

  • Partnership management

  • Public relations and international cooperation

  • Philanthropic engagements 

  • NGO operations

  • Marketing and business development

Public Safety Consulting

We leverage creative thinking and cutting-edge technologies from our seasoned team of experts all of whom serve in current or former front-line emergency services and public safety roles.

We develop bespoke and high-impact community safety initiatives for both local and national level organizations including:



Ambulance services


Community Safety Organizations

We can custom-develop capabilities and solutions or provide off-the-shelf training to improve the readiness of our clients and their communities.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Mass casualty response 

  • Community preparedness

  • Urban search and rescue training

  • Volunteer responder capacity building

  • Enhancing  international cooperation

  • COVID-19 response



We select our clients based on shared values and as a result, we sometimes work with large government agencies or the smallest grassroots organizations.

We empower: governments, emergency services, non-governmental organizations, businesses and HNWIs who share our values of tolerance, prosperity and security for all.

Recommendations and case studies can be provided upon

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Eitan Charnoff

Chief Executive Officer

Inspired by his own upbringing along the Potomac River in Washington D.C., at the intersections of community philanthropy and geopolitics, Mr. Charnoff founded the Potomac Strategy to support global governments and NGOs scale their trans-national, cross-cultural and interfaith initiatives. He is also deeply passionate about empowering and building capacities for clients to strengthen the safety and resilience of communities and emergency services around the world.


Mr. Charnoff holds a Bachelor’s degree in Persuasive Communications Strategy and contributes on counter-extremism and MENA region geopolitics in outlets such as The Hill, News Nation and CNN.


Mr. Charnoff also deeply believes in community service and has been volunteering as a firefighter, medic, and urban search and rescue officer for over a decade as well as voluntarily raising funds for various interfaith and public safety NGOs.



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